Court appointed special masters dispute resolvers

The ACAM Benchbook provides invaluable information to judges and lawyers regarding the best use of special masters. ACAM is an independent organization of experienced masters who were appointed by either federal or state court judges. ACAM is an independent organization of experienced masters who serve in both federal and state courts. Our mission is to provide judges, lawyers, parties, and other masters with helpful information regarding the use of masters.

Membership is open to any master who has been appointed by a federal or state court judge. We invite you to use our website and send us any comments or suggestions you have about court-appointed masters.

Benchbook The ACAM Benchbook provides invaluable information to judges and lawyers regarding the best use of special masters. Our Masters ACAM is an independent organization of experienced masters who were appointed by either federal or state court judges.

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Featured Special Master Mark C. Zauderer More about this featured member.A "special master" is appointed by a court to carry out some sort of action on its behalf.

court appointed special masters dispute resolvers

Theoretically, a "special master" is distinguished from a "master". A master's function is essentially investigative, compiling evidence or documents to inform some future action by the court, whereas a special master carries out some direct action on the part of the court. It appears, however, that the "special master" designation is often used for people doing purely investigative work, and that the simple "master" designation is falling out of use.

Activities carried out by special masters are as diverse as the actions taken by courts. The term often appears in original jurisdiction cases decided by the Supreme Court ; these are often cases involving boundary disputes between the states, with a special master appointed to resolve questions of geography or historical claims.

See, for example, New Jersey v. New York, US Microsoft, Judge Jackson appointed Lawrence Lessig as a Special Master to advise the court about technical issues, and to investigate certain claims, such as Microsoft's assertion that removing Internet Explorer from the Windows operating system would make the system slower. Infrequently, attorneys taking a deposition in a distant, non-courthouse, location may anticipate that a witness will refuse to testify, or that some other problem will come up.

For good cause shown, judges may appoint a Special Master to appear at the deposition to make evidentiary rulings on the spot. Please help us improve our site! No thank you. LII Wex Special master. Special master Primary tabs A "special master" is appointed by a court to carry out some sort of action on its behalf.In the law of the United Statesa special master is generally a subordinate official appointed by a judge to make sure that judicial orders are actually followed, or in the alternative, to hear evidence on behalf of the judge and make recommendations to the judge as to the disposition of a matter.

The special master should not be confused with the traditional common law concept of a mastera judge of the High Court entrusted to deal with summary and administrative matters falling short of a full trial.

In the federal judiciary of the United Statesa special master is an adjunct to a federal court. Rule 53 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure allows a federal court to appoint a special master, with the consent of the parties, to conduct proceedings and report to the Court. The role of the special master, who is frequently but not necessarily an attorneyis to supervise those falling under the order of the court to ensure that the court order is being followed and to report on the activities of the entity being supervised in a timely matter to the judge or the judge's designated representatives.

Special masters have been controversial in some cases, and are cited by critics as an example of judicial overreach. For example, special masters have at times ordered the expenditure of funds over and above the amount appropriated by a legislative body for the remediation of the situation being examined.

Their powers have generally been found to be valid and their remedies upheld by US courts. The US Supreme Court will normally assign original jurisdiction disputes cases such as disputes between states that are first heard at the Supreme Court level to a special master to conduct what amounts to a trial: the taking of evidence and a ruling. The Supreme Court can then assess the master's ruling much as a normal appeals court would, rather than conduct the trial itself.

That is necessary as trials in the US almost always involve live testimony, and it would be too unwieldy for nine justices to rule on evidentiary objections in real time.

Rule 53 allows for a special master to be appointed only if one of the following exists: 1 the parties consent to the appointment, 2 to hold a trial without a jury or make recommended findings of fact where there is some exceptional condition or accounting or difficult computation of damages, or 3 address pre-trial or post-trial matters that cannot be effectively and timely addressed by a judge or magistrate judge.

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Special masters were appointed by U. Johnson to the U. According to Robert A. Carothe masters would have found that Johnson's vote victory was delivered by hundreds of fraudulent ballots, but the investigation was halted by the U. Supreme Court on the grounds that the Democratic Party, not the federal government, had the responsibility over primary elections. Cases involving special masters often involve situations in which it has been shown that governmental entities are violating civil rights.

High-profile cases in recent years in which special masters have been used include some in which states have been ordered to upgrade their prison facilitieswhich were held to violate the US Constitution, which bars cruel and unusual punishment and certain state mental hospitalswhich have been found so substandard as to violate the rights of their inmates.

The Waymo v. Uber lawsuit saw Judge William Haskell Alsup appoint a special master to determine whether Uber violated discovery rules in not disclosing the "Richard Jacobs Letter". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

court appointed special masters dispute resolvers

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Download as PDF Printable version. Add links.Special masters are a unique brand of dispute-resolver relatively unknown to many mediators, facilitators, and public officials. A special master is appointed by a judge to oversee one or more aspects of litigation. They may be appointed pre-trial, during trial, or post-trial.

Despite their relative anonymity, such masters have been credited with some of the most creative and innovative conflict resolution within the history of the U. Judges appoint special masters for many reasons, and sometimes these reasons overlap. For example, in a system where judges are usually inundated with cases, special masters may be simply appointed pre-trial in order to free the judge to spend more time on other cases. These masters are almost always attorneys.

In construction defect litigation, the special master manages pre-trial discovery and facilitates settlement before trial. In divorce cases, a special master makes recommendations to the judge regarding division of assets and child custody. A special master may be also be appointed pre-trial to manage part of a particularly complex case involving many parties and issues that will take years to litigate.

The most notable examples are mass personal injury claims arising from alleged environmental or occupational exposure to chemicals. By virtue of their appointments, special masters often become temporary or quasi-judges, and in complex cases usually serve for periods ranging from many months to many years. The endurance record may be held by Walter Armstrong, a Tennessee attorney who was appointed by the U.

Supreme Court. He served for almost 23 years from to in a case involving determination of the southern seaward boundaries of Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. In public disputes, special masters are often, but not always, appointed to implement a court order following trial, and usually have the longest tenure of all such masters.

Cases include natural-resource allocation, hazardous-waste cleanup and associated-cost allocation, land-use planning, and reform of public institutions for example, city school systems, city zoning boards, state prisons, and state mental-health institutions or schools for the mentally retarded. Not always asked to mediate While special masters have sometimes mediated or at least utilized mediative skills in cases involving public disputes, they are not always asked specifically to mediate by the court.

Lawrence Susskind, a professor of urban and environmental planning at MIT and a former special master in a municipal waste cost allocation case, has described several types of cases where a special master might be asked to mediate: 1 when a master with specialized expertise can resolve technical and economical issues that would otherwise be too difficult to deal with via the usual judicial process; 2 when expedited resolution can forestall continued appeals; 3 when narrowing the range of issues for the judge to address can save the court time and money, especially when highly sophisticated technical experts can make it exceedingly difficult for the judge, let alone the jury to comprehend; and 4 when the parties need help in generating new ideas to encourage out-of-court settlement.

Susskind [who is publisher of Consensus] considers it of critical importance that the courts understand that the best mediators are not always attorneys. Because of our legal system where attorneys bargain as advocates, they may not all be familiar with the concepts of consensus, or interest-based and mutual gains bargaining -- skills a process mediator has. Multi-party public disputes demand even greater mediator skills. In fact, not all special masters are attorneys, retired judges, legal academics, or federal magistrates government employees handling pre-trial case management for district judges.

Many are selected based on the substantive expertise deemed necessary by the judge to resolve the case. For example, a special master might be an accountant, urban planner, environmental health scientist, or former public administrator.

Sometimes, a special master may be selected because he or she also has demonstrable skills as a mediator. Such negotiating skills have often lent themselves to an unusually high degree of success. In reality, a special master may play multiple, overlapping, and sometimes conflicting roles such as arbiter, mediator, facilitator, negotiator, subject matter expert, and court advocate.Unless a statute provides otherwise, a court may appoint a master only to:.

A perform duties consented to by the parties. B hold trial proceedings and make or recommend findings of fact on issues to be decided without a jury if appointment is warranted by:. C address pretrial and posttrial matters that cannot be effectively and timely addressed by an available district judge or magistrate judge of the district.

A master must not have a relationship to the parties, attorneys, action, or court that would require disqualification of a judge under 28 U. In appointing a master, the court must consider the fairness of imposing the likely expenses on the parties and must protect against unreasonable expense or delay. Before appointing a master, the court must give the parties notice and an opportunity to be heard.

Any party may suggest candidates for appointment. The appointing order must direct the master to proceed with all reasonable diligence and must state:. A the master's duties, including any investigation or enforcement duties, and any limits on the master's authority under Rule 53 c.

B the circumstances, if any, in which the master may communicate ex parte with the court or a party. C the nature of the materials to be preserved and filed as the record of the master's activities. D the time limits, method of filing the record, other procedures, and standards for reviewing the master's orders, findings, and recommendations; and.

E the basis, terms, and procedure for fixing the master's compensation under Rule 53 g. A the master files an affidavit disclosing whether there is any ground for disqualification under 28 U. B if a ground is disclosed, the parties, with the court's approval, waive the disqualification. The order may be amended at any time after notice to the parties and an opportunity to be heard. Unless the appointing order directs otherwise, a master may:.

B take all appropriate measures to perform the assigned duties fairly and efficiently; and. C if conducting an evidentiary hearing, exercise the appointing court's power to compel, take, and record evidence. The master may by order impose on a party any noncontempt sanction provided by Rule 37 or 45and may recommend a contempt sanction against a party and sanctions against a nonparty. A master who issues an order must file it and promptly serve a copy on each party.The results were surprising to say the least.

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court appointed special masters dispute resolvers

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court appointed special masters dispute resolvers

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